Fun Halloween Costume Ideas!


Halloween is one of my favorite times of year! Who doesn’t love a good costume party, am I right? I always have a fresh costume every year and don’t ever repeat. My man and I enjoy good old couples’ costumes, making it that much more fun. Who doesn’t want a partner in crime? I do I do!

Some years life gets busy and creating a big Halloween costume is just too much. You want to go with something simple and fun, but to the point. I here you! Time to flex your creative muscles, or just enjoy my suggestions from Halloweens past.

A few years back my man and I were white trash! It was so easy and fun people, a real hit. All we did was wear matching white wife beaters, ripped jeans, bandanas, and I gave us tear drop tattoos on the face and tattoos on our arm. We looked fabulous and used clothes that we already owned. It was affordable and fun! Everyone knew what we were. Score!





Another fun and easy couples’ costume we devised was Double Dare contestants. YES kids! Remember that awesome Nickelodeon show hosted by Mark Summers? Where contestants got slimed? My man and I made these costumes and it was just as easy as the one above! We bought matching red t-shirts and ironed on Double Dare logos to the front and back of our shirts. It was super fun and easy; I had printer-ready, iron on paper and I found the logos online! We also wore bike helmets with red Solo cups taped on top. You know our costumes rocked, because we won best costume at that year’s Halloween party. It was such a fun costume!




I’ve been a part of a myriad of fun couples or group Halloween costume ideas over the years. One year I was a part of Team America World Police! F-Yeah! It was an amazing costume and even better as a group. I made our whole get up! It was extremely time consuming to make, but definitely a fun costume. The fake guns were my favorite part. Another year my man and I were an angel and devil. Classic, but such a fun costume too!

With so many couples and group costumes to pick from, here are a few of my favorites. Tooth Paste and a Tooth Brush. Soap on a rope. Dress one person up in all white and write on their shirt soap, and then tie a rope to the other person. BAM! People will love that one. One year I saw a group of people be trash and all they did was wear trash bags, stuff themselves with newspapers, and tape different “trash” items on themselves. It was HILARIOUS! Oompa Loompas are also an awesome group costume! But you’ll have to paint your face orange and wear a green wig. No half-assing people.




I’m sure this Halloween that Game of Thrones characters will be a big hit. I bet the Guardians of the Galaxy will be everywhere too! Trust me people, there are so many fun, clever, and simple Halloween costume ideas. So make sure you dress up. Have fun getting together your costume. Whether it’s a DIY or one you buy, you will be a hit at whatever party you go to. I personally can’t wait to break out my costume for this year! But sorry, you’ll have to wait for Halloween to find out what it is. So break out those costumes, because you’re never too old to play dress up!



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