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It’s your Fitness Motivation for Monday. Dedication not obsession; remind yourself of that daily. It’s part of our Motivational Monday BuzzChomp vlog.


Has anyone ever told you that you’re fitness obsessed? I always think that when they say that, it’s said in such a negative tone. For some reason obsession is this bad word, but remind yourself that it’s not bad at all, it’s dedication!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being dedicated to your fitness regiment! Repeat that to yourself. Dedication is what keeps you going. Your dedication will enhance your fitness motivation. The secret is, your dedication is your motivation.

When you’re able to have that dedication be your fitness motivation, then you truly are honed in on your fitness regime. There is no reason that fitness has to be an “obsession.” It’s not kids. It’s what you’re dedicated to and that is perfectly fine.

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Bring in that dedication this time of year. It’s key to keeping your fitness motivation as you get busy with the holidays. Absolutely embrace your own motivation! You’ll need it to keep healthy from now through the new year kids!

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If you’re at a loss of what workouts to do, them browse our Youtube channel for a myriad of at home circuits! Make sure you follow along with our 60 day holiday challenge too!

Because that’s what Motivational Monday is all about, starting your week off strong!



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Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong! Fitness Motivation!
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1 Comment

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