Find Your Running Mantra: My Running Diary!

In order to truly be able to run, to go out and just run because you love it, you need a running mantra kids! You need a clear intention that gets you out of bed every morning, craving your run!


Diary of a Running Chick: July 5th, 2016

My running mantra is simple: “I know I can.” Every morning I get out of bed because of my mantra. I know I can get up and go out and run! I tell this to myself every morning, even when I don’t get out of bed and even when I was still building myself up. I remind myself of this every morning and now it’s just something I do when I wake up. There is not even a question of whether I’m going to run, but I still repeat it to myself.

For me, finding my mantra gave me the time to run, and that was huge. I had to convince myself that I had the time to run. I used to believe I needed an extra hour or more of sleep, but I truly didn’t need it. When you snooze you’re not really getting any extra sleep, but I had convinced myself that I needed it. And then when I didn’t go to the gym and run, I felt super guilty. It was 50/50 if I would make it to the gym after work, so breaking this cycle was a huge step.

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I use my running mantra for EVERYTHING. Its my motivating force for all of my life goals and accomplishments. Really, anytime I face adversity I use this. Anytime I have a problem to solve, I use this. I know I can do anything I set my mind to. I had to be honest with myself when it came to running and then I was truly able to embrace my mantra.


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Being active daily is a commitment. It needs to be a part of your daily schedule. It’s just like eating and sleeping kids. You wouldn’t skip those things just because you’re busy. You need to look at your running in the same way! Once you commit yourself to that, your mantra will keep you focused. It will help you get up in the morning as you’re creating a habit. It will also help you reach new goals!

Like anything you do in life, continuing to commit yourself means keeping it fresh and new. You need your runs to be challenging, but also personal successes. Running is such an easy activity to fall into a groove with. I’ve written about switching up your runs, running with a partner and challenging your pace. Having a solid mantra will motivate you to keep your running fun and flavorful! It’s easy to keep focused if you love it. It’s easy to love something that you’ve decided you’re going to make apart of your daily regimen.

Keep your running mantra close to you and remind yourself that you can run anywhere. You can always create a new route! There are endless possibilities! Stay focused and remember to always have fun! Get out there and run kids!



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