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February Survival Guide!

February is one of our favorite months of the year, but with gifts, and love, and dinner reservations to make, everyone needs a February Survival guide.

It’s the month of LOVE. How nice. BUT February can also be a cold, dreary month if you live in a snowy climate.

Even if you’re getting pounded with snow, use February as a time to flourish with love and keep yourself revitalized and motivated in 2015! Here are some essentials, our must have items, for our February Survival Guide!

Check back at the beginning of each month for another unique guide, because every month is different and we all need help to survive.


Origins Never a Dull Moment


The cold weather can be harsh on your skin. ‘Never a Dull Moment’ is great, an essential in my daily skin regimen. My mother recommended it to me a few years back and my skin has never looked so good. I use it daily. Even when I’m in cold weather, this bad boy keeps my skin extremely fresh and glowing.


Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Gloss – Back to Fuchsia


This is my go to lip gloss; I have been wearing it for years. I always have it with me in my bag. I put it on just to run errands and especially when I’m going out for a night on the town. Make sure you pick one of these up and wear it for your main squeeze on Valentine’s Day.


Fox Run Non Stick Heart Mini Muffin Pan


My man bought me one of these years ago for Valentine’s Day. You can make mini cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, and mini cakes for whomever you desire this month. If you’re having a singles party or a nice dinner for your significant other, make some treats. This is definitely a must for your Vday celebration. You can totally use it all year round as well.


Amazon Prime Membership


My favorite thing to do with my man on the weekend is to open a bottle of wine and watch a good movie or television show. I love my Amazon Prime Membership. It’s one of the best memberships we have. This Valentine’s day we plan to relax and make a homemade meal. We’ll snuggle up on the couch and watch our prime membership. Not only can you watch some great content, but you always get free shipping on everything from Amazon.


Vktech® Womens Lovely Warm Winter Bomber Cap


I love wearing hats. I also get cold in ANY climate. This cute winter hat is perfect for whatever you’re doing this February. If you’re a snow bunny, you’ll look flawless as you stay warm. If you’re just into fashion, you’ll look cute and be the envy of your friends. You can’t go wrong with this cute hat.


Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator


If you’re a wine lover then you’ll love this aerator. It completely opens the flavor of the wine. Try pouring a glass through it and try pouring a glass without it and be amazed at the difference in taste. Ever since I got one of these bad boys, I can’t drink a bottle of wine without it! I will definitely be using this during my Valentine’s Day celebration. This is also a perfect Vday gift for your wine loving significant other.


Quest Corkscrew Wine Opener Set In Wood Box


Time and time again I have gotten the cork stuck in a wine bottle. With this bad boy you’ll always open a perfect bottle of wine. Not only will you love using this, but if you’re dating or married to a wine lover, they will love this little bad boy as a gift.


All these great items will keep your February 2015 flawless and you’ll have a magical Valentine’s Day. Make sure you’re armed to have a fabulous February.

February Survival Guide will keep you motivated for a solid 2015!


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