Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 5 | Blood On The Floor

Fatal Attraction season 1 episode 5 is blood on the floor. They dive deeper into how this relationship continues to unfold. I’m enjoying the present day moments of Dan committed to solving the murder mystery.



 Fatal Attraction season 1 episode is blood on the floor. Alex did murder Beth’s mother Sophie. That is such a bummer because she was a sweet woman. It was a bit odd that she was so forthcoming with Alex. She gave big insights into who is to a woman that she never met before. That felt a bit peculiar.

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It’s interesting to see this show unfold this way. The way they drop details keeps me invested in an otherwise basic story. Not basic in a bad way. Of course, Dam thinks Alex came to his house. From the moment, Dan says to Alex a few episodes back about not thinking we were doing this. And Alex replies back doing what? Dan knows this is the game she’s playing.


Fatal Attraction Episode 5 Reaction


A big win for Dan in the present, who figures out there was another movie that Alex pursued at the courts office. I’m conflicted if this will be who killed her or another Dr. Paul dead end.

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This show definitely keeps it interesting and I like the level of detail it dives into. Fatal Attraction episode 5 has blood on the floor. Share your thoughts on this show and make sure you check out our reaction video.

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Fatal Attraction Season 1


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