Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 6 | Alex Is NOT Dead

Fatal Attraction season 1 episode 6 Alex is not dead! This is a theory I’ve had since the beginning and now I definitely think she staged her own death. I don’t really see who else could have killed her.



 Fatal Attraction Season 1 episode 6 brings me back to the theory that Alex is not dead! I just don’t see another way around this. There is no body and the legal aid guy was a dead end. Also if someone killed her and got rid of her body why didn’t they clean up the blood?

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Dan is super ridiculous in this episode. He didn’t want to admit that he had an affair with her. He didn’t want Beth to be his alibi because then she’d have to admit that he had an affair. That seems ridiculous to me. That seems better to admitting to that than going to jail for a murder you didn’t commit.


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I like the Ellen present day stuff, but I wonder how this will play out for her. Her friend lied to her about the professor breaking up with her. I can’t tell where her whole part is going unless it’s truly just her coming to terms with who her father is and was.

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Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 6 Alex staged her death. I truly think that’s how this will play out! Share your thoughts on this show and make sure you check out our reaction video.

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Fatal Attraction Season 1


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