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fatal attraction

Fatal Attraction kicked off it’s premiere with dropping episode 1-3 on Paramount+. The new series dives right into this drama and makes itself different from the film while the premise is loosely the same.



Fatal Attraction is such a great movie. I was super intrigued to see how they’d tackle this show. Paramount+ dropped episodes 1-3 and by the final episode there is no way out for Dan! Share with me your thoughts and check out our reaction videos for each episode!


Fatal Attraction Episode 1 Reaction

Fatal Attraction episode 1 is the setup. I love the movie Fatal Attraction and I love Joshua Jackson. So I was super excited to start watching this show on Paramount +. We see the whole experience with this whole affair is a flashback. I like that it’s different from the film and that they’re building this as a murder mystery. I’m super intrigued to see

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Fatal Attraction Episode 2 Reaction

Fatal Attraction Episode 2

Fatal Attraction episode 2 is the White Rabbit tease. They dive deeper into Alex and Dan’s affair. Alex is delusional to think that this is anything. Of course, the pills she faked. On the flip side, we see Dan reunite with his friend Mike. Also, we see Dan regret his decision of having no contact with his family. I feel like there is a twist here, is Alex really dead? Did she fake her own death to get back at Dan?

Fatal Attraction Episode 3 Reaction

fatal attraction

Fatal Attraction episode 3 no way out. This episode gives us the whole Affair from Alex’s point of view. What a really awesome and dynamic way to do this show. I’m really enjoying it. Alex, she’s crazy. I mean I feel for her because she obviously has attachment issues. She had issues with her father. Obviously, Dr Paul, whatever’s going on there. I mean he like flees from her. She’s delusional. Alex doesn’t even see that going to Dan’s open house is a threat to his family.


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fatal attraction
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