Embracing your strength!


I keep coming back to this theme in our lives because it’s so wonderful and important: Embracing your strength. This past Monday I focused on it for my Motivational Monday video blog and I felt compelled to go further. Strength is something we all take for granted at times. But knowing you have the strength inside you to pull from and capitalize on when life throws stuff at you is simply incredible! It’s in all of us, so recognize it and embrace that strength.

Strength is twofold at a minimum. The same strength that gives you physical prowess is what manifests mentally too! Those that are physically strong, more often than not, are mentally strong as well. Now why is that? Let me remind you of an age-old tale; when you’re in the middle of a tough workout and have to dig deep to keep running that last mile, or sprinting for the finish line, or doing one more circuit training set. That takes some major mental strength! Sometimes your body and your mind are telling you no; screaming to please stop. But you know better; you know you can keep going, embrace your strength to crush that scared voice. So you tell yourself you got this and you forge ahead! In that moment you pushed your physical and your mental strengths to a new level. Score!


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What we all need to know is this. By pushing ourselves physically and mentally in a workout, no matter what exercise you do to get in your workouts, it helps you when ANYTHING is thrown your way in life. Trust me, I’ve been there people!

Five years ago my own mental and physical strengths were tested. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after being sick for several months. I not only didn’t feel like myself, but I was losing myself as well. I’d lost the ability to run and workout, testing my mental strength more than ever. I was winded walking up one flight of stairs and it was scary. But something happened inside of me when I found out that I had cancer; something wonderful. I accepted the situation I was in, but didn’t sit by and let it bring me down. I decided right then that I knew I would come out on the other side a better person, and I did! There wasn’t ever a moment when I thought I couldn’t do this. The whole time I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to go run. I wanted to go to yoga. I wanted to hike. Sure, those things were challenging, but I needed to be me. I needed to do what I’d always done. I needed to embrace my strength!




When it was all over, I knew it would be difficult to get back into the shape that I was in six months prior. But I knew I could do it! Hell, I’d just beaten cancer. I could/can do anything! And that’s what I always tell myself today. But the best part is, we can all embrace our strength. We can all get past these moments in our lives because we all have the strength inside us. And we can use it all the time, in all our everyday moments! It’s what lets me enjoy all the moments that life throws my way. It’s what helps me live in the present and it’s why I’m here today living a happy and healthy life!

Let go of your past and forgive yourself. Let go of your fears and insecurities. Embrace your strength. Trust me! It’ll lead you to be stronger than you ever thought possible!



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  1. infinitelyremote

    August 21, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks for this inspirational post. Way to win!

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