Dispatches From Elsewhere Episode 5 Reaction | Truth Or Dare

Dispatches From Elsewhere took us into the world of Clara and played the ultimate Truth or Dare game in episode 5! Our group of four navigated through Clara’s world and it got weird.


Dispatches From Elsewhere showed us Clara’s world in episode 5, then sent us spinning with its game of Truth or Dare. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that Clara’s episode would be next. She’s having a profound affect on our group of four and driving their metamorphosis. Check out our full Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 5 reaction video for the full dissection!

It needs to be said that even though we saw Clara’s world, there is no guarantee that any of it is true. Is there actually a Clara? Her story and world drives our group of four to re-evaluate their own lives, daring them to light things on fire and pull the thread, literally. It’s evident that Simone and Peter are once again inspired, but its unclear where it will lead them.

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Our characters’ inspiration is a big reason why this is a game of Truth or Dare. They are not questioning any of what they experienced in this episode. Fredwynn continuously chooses the Dare by ignoring any logic when it comes to entering Clara’s hideout. He doesn’t question whether they should continue to explore. He just does it.

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On the flip side, Simone and Peter take the information they learn about Clara and apply it to their own lives. Peter breaks the cardinal rule of his company and shares his own song to others playlists. He then “quits” his job, but also gets fired. Simone meets with her former professor who comments on her transition, as well as acts as a sounding board for her as she discusses what to do with her life.

I expect some more twists and wild surprises to come in the upcoming episodes! This show is just like “The Game” and I’m not convinced that Clara is actually real. Dispatches From Elsewhere keeps going down its rabbit hole and every episode I’m enjoying more and more. Make sure you check out our full reaction video and leave your own thoughts in the comments.



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