Dental Hygiene: Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth and Drink Your Wine

New research shows that wine may actually be good for your dental hygiene, because there is hope for this world after all. So don’t forget to brush your teeth and drink your wine!


At least one in five Americans currently has one or more untreated cavities. Not focusing on proper dental hygiene can lead to serious teeth problems that can result in future health concerns and costly medical bills. Because of the importance of dental hygiene, individuals need to brush on a consistent basis, avoid sugary food products, and… drink wine?

Yes, drinking red wine can cause staining. But according to a report in News Atlas, wine can actually help fight cavity-causing bacteria too.

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Scientists have known for years that wine can help improve overall heart health. Now, we know that wine can also fend off the bacteria that leads to cavities and gum disease.

“Our teeth are like apples,” said Dr. Ruchi Sahota, a cosmetic and family dentist in San Francisco. “They have a thin enamel shell, a thick dentin core, and then, like the seeds of an apple, you have the pulp of the tooth. It’s that enamel — that outer shell of the tooth — that is most affected by wine.”

A new study by the American Chemical Society found that the polyphenols compounds found in wine can also provide dental advantages. The study was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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Researchers discovered that the two polyphenols found in wine (p-coumaric and caffeic acids) worked alongside gum tissue cells to fight unwanted oral bacteria.

Wine’s impact on teeth might seem evident if someone binge drinks and refrains from taking care of their teeth in other ways, but the majority of dental professionals will likely not recommend their patients stop drinking wine.

“If I did that, I would probably lose most of my patients,” said Dr. John Aylmer, a Florida dentist. “If a patient tells me they drink a lot of wine, it doesn’t raise any concerns for me, as long as they’re sticking to an effective oral-hygiene regimen.”



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