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Dear Mattie Show podcast: Ep18 Jake Anthony


Enjoy a bonus episode of The Dear Mattie Show podcast, one of host Matt Marr’s favorites from Thanksgiving! Enjoy as Matt interviews Jake Anthony.

The entire Dear Mattie Show podcast can be found here:


Dear Mattie Show episode 18: Jake Anthony

This might be my most anticipated episode of The Dear Mattie Show yet! Yes on the show I have the Laverne to my Shirley, the Tom to my Jerry, the wicked Step-mother to my Cinderella (he’s gonna kill me for that one)…it’s Jake Anthony!



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Yes this picture is blurry, but it captures Jake and I doing what we do best, singing in dresses about the South. Jake (I call him Poodle), Poodle and I have been great friends for over 13 years. We also were roommates for five, and he might be the only person I know that’s gayer than me. But even though we bicker at one another like sisters, I just have the best time with this bitch. Topics include: Thanksgiving etiquette, Do I meet the boyfriend’s parents for the 1st time at Thanksgiving, and a Los Angeles actor who’s a devout Christian and has trouble dating. Oh, and Poodle gets on about three different soapboxes. Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

Here’s a CabarGAY clip:



The entire Dear Mattie Show podcast can be found here:


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