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The West Wing Revisited S1E8 a little daddy knows best lesson. Such a classic 90s TV trope used here. When someone doesn’t understand your view, you got to teach them a lesson whether that’s your daughter or the Vice President!


The West Wing Revisited S1E8 gives us a daddy knows best lesson. Leo and the Prez teach his daughter Mallorie a lesson because how dare she show interest in the very sexy Sam! He’s a busy man and the issues that Leo’s wife has with his job needs to be shown to Mallorie too. Girl needs to understand what it’s like dating someone who works in politics.

The West Wing S1E8 Reaction

I love these lessons that so many old school TV shows (and new school too) give their characters. Malorie asks Sam out and Sam, being the good guy he is, lets Leo know he’s going on a date with his daughter. Instead of Leo expressing to Malorie that he’s not comfortable with this, he goes on to teach her a lesson. He asks Sam to write a birthday message for the President and of course this trumps everything else.

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The lesson for Malorie is to show her what it’s like to be with someone who works for the President as well as in politics. The office is still bumping at 7:30pm at night. This of course is such a classic lesson and it’s definitely a bit silly and outdated.

This episode also reveals why the President feels the way he does about the Vice President. He does not like it that the VP made him beg for him to be his VP. Right off the bat it made the President look weak. It undermined him because the President beat out the VP for the Presidential nomination.

This show makes me laugh because it truly keeps showing us that these are good men, trying to do good things! What are your thoughts on S1E8. Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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