2 Creative Ways To Cook Breakfast During Your Next Camping Trip

Impress your friends (and Instagram followers!) with these creatively bizarre techniques for cooking and camping. We have two creative ways to cook breakfast on your next camping trip!


Camping is one of the most beloved outdoor American pastimes. So much so that in 2013, the U.S. campground industry grossed about $5 billion. But whether you’re staying in a warm and cozy glamping cabin or roughing it in a canvas tent, one thing is for certain: you’ll probably need to cook a hearty meal at some point. For many people, this means waking up to enjoy a plate of sizzling hot bacon and eggs before starting your day. We have two creative ways to cook breakfast, so you can enjoy it while camping!

Of course, it isn’t always easy to make your bacon-y dreams come to life in the Great Outdoors, especially when you don’t have the use of a full kitchen like you normally would. Though it may sound surprising, there are plenty of ways to get creative in your culinary camping endeavors and concoct a hearty, delicious, and satisfying campfire breakfast the whole family will love. Here are just a few interesting ways to get your breakfast cookin’ at your next camping trip.

The Paper Bag Method

If you didn’t realize you could cook your campfire breakfast in a paper bag, you’re certainly not alone. This method is quite unusual, but also effective and incredibly easy to prepare and carry out.

The key to cooking food using paper is to make sure it’s properly oiled. This method, provided by Lifehacker, takes just a few minutes to prepare and cook to crispy perfection. Simply line the bag with bacon strips until you’ve made a sort of bacon ‘boat’. Then, crack an egg into the divot at the bottom. Fold the bags closed and place on a grill or over a campfire with a grate. You’ll know they’re done cooking when the grease has traveled about halfway up the sides of the bag. Yum!

Another benefit of this method is that it’s more eco-friendly than other cooking methods, such as those that use aluminum foil. Today, more than one-third of new paper is made with recycled fiber. This makes it easier than ever to keep the environment in mind during the campfire cooking process.

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Induction Cooktop Method

If you do happen to be staying in a cabin or somewhere with electricity, you may find it easier to take advantage of the cooking power of an induction cooktop. The basic principles of induction heating have been applied to manufacturing since the 1920s. You can also find this technology at play in any electric stove. Many people prefer induction cooktops during camping trips due to their portability and overall convenience, although a gas stove will work as well.

The best way to cook scrambled eggs using induction is on medium heat in an induction-ready pan greased with a small amount of unsalted butter. If you want, you can season your eggs to your liking by adding fresh herbs, such as basil. They should be refrigerated or kept in a cooler at between 38 and 40 degrees in a closed container for optimal freshness. When it comes to cooking your eggs with bacon, low and slow is the way to go. Start the bacon in a cold pan and keep it over low heat until it’s reached its desired crispiness. It’s that easy!

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with these two creative ways to cook breakfast, including bacon, try them out during your next camping trip. See how they compare to your trusty old oven and stove back at home. You’ll find that nothing compares to a campfire breakfast cooked out in the wilderness — especially crispy bacon.



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