“Oh I Fell Over” – What ha… happened? College Basketball tip-off edition


NCAA College Basketball is back baby! In celebration we dedicate “What ha… happened?” to the once great sport of college basketball. Funny, ridiculous, and a whole lot more.


Seesaw Sports, where Dan Salem and Todd Salem throw down on the NFL, MLB, NBA and more. Two brothers from New York yell, scream and debate sports.

This week we ask “What ha… happened?” The internet was scoured for a crazy sports photo or GIF and someone must try to explain it. Seesaw Sports asks what ha… happened? Monday: Opening statement. Friday: Rebuttal.

Real photos. Real results. But what in the heck happened?



To celebrate the return of NCAA College Basketball I present to you the following:




Photo: Contact Sport

Title: “Oh I Fell Over.”

Description: College basketball is back, back in a hard way. Ricochet happens and unfortunately for the referee, he got caught in the cross fire.

Was this a targeted assault on the official’s dignity?
Was the tumbling striped whistle-blower able to return to action?
Why are none of the male cheerleaders reaching to catch him as he falls?

What ha…. happened?



This is a New Yorker cartoon come to life. It attempts to represent the grief and pain college basketball is causing. The poor, old referee would be labeled “fans” or “nation;” something of that sort. The player in red is the “NCAA” itself. He is the facilitator and eventual bystander to this nonsense and heartbreak inflicted upon us fans.

The Kentucky players in this live-action cartoon are… well, they can stay Kentucky players because no one is more at fault for the current landscape of the sport than a place like Kentucky. They flaunt the false idea of amateurism and student-athlete in our faces on a yearly basis with each new passing recruitment class. The cartoon is a little spot on, having them actually take out the national fan base, but New Yorker cartoons aren’t always over everyone’s head.

Either that or this guy just got hit with a ricochet.


[Part two on Friday – The college basketball Rebuttal]



Photo courtesy of and NCAA College Basketball

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