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Charm School with Miss Roxy- Email Communications
In my last post about Written Communications we discussed the proper way to write a letter, but since most people don’t sit down and write much anymore, I though it would be a good idea to do a follow up focusing on email communications.

It is amazing to find that in this day and age, some people have still not realized how important email etiquette is. Many people send email replies late or not at all or send replies that do not actually answer the questions that were asked. Below are some tips to help you write the best email possible.

1. Be concise and to the point. Answer all questions that may have been asked
2. Use Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation
3. Make it personal
4. Answer swiftly
5. Do not attach unnecessary files
6. Do not write in CAPITALS
7. Do not leave out the subject
8. Proof read the whole email before you send it. Then proof read it again.
9. Do not overuse Reply to All
10. Take care with abbreviations and emoticons
11. Be careful with formatting
12. Do not forward chain letters

13. Do not use email to discuss confidential information
14. Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT (unless it truly is)
15. Avoid long, run-on sentences
16. Use cc: field sparingly
17. Try to keep your language gender neutral
18. Don’t reply to spam
19. Do not send or forward emails containing defamatory, offensive, racist, or obscene remarks

Please keep these guidelines in mind the next time you type an email, your reputation will thank you for it.


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