Can’t miss Christmas Movies!


Merry Christmas all! This holiday season EVERY channel on TV is showing their share of Christmas movies. Hell Yes!

Just as it should be, but some are definitely better than others and only a few are can’t miss. There are so many solid Christmas movies worth checking out this Holiday season and here are my four can’t miss Christmas movies!



I stumbled upon this cute Christmas movie while decorating my tree this year. It’s a Hallmark original movie and a true can’t miss. Tiffani Theissen, formerly Tiffani Amber Theissen, stars as a journalist and single mother who moves to a new town with her son Kevin. He’s having a hard time fitting in and meets an elf that gets him to save the Northpole. OMG people! This movie is so cute and fun with a classic Christmas message. Kevin’s teacher, played by Josh Hopkins, challenges his students to a holiday project and Kevin uses this opportunity to save the Northpole and save Christmas. Will Kevin succeed? Will his mom and his teacher revive their belief in Santa Claus and help him on his quest? Of course people! Of course.
My favorite part of this film was all its holiday cheer and how it made me smile. I loved it! Hallmark has already made a sequel that will premiere next holiday season. Don’t miss this charming, family, holiday film!



12 Men of Christmas

This is one of many Lifetime Christmas movies, but definitely my favorite. It is SOLID and a can’t miss! It stars Kristen Chenoweth and Josh Hopkins; yes he is in this classic too. Kristen plays an ad executive named E.J. who takes a job in a small town to help build tourism after losing her boyfriend and her position. E.J. decides to create a sexy calendar for the fire rescue team which becomes a huge success. WOO! E.J. reluctantly finds love with Josh Hopkins character Will and they predictably fight, break up, and get back together for Christmas. It’s wonderful!


This film is both charming and a holiday favorite of mine! It’s definitely one of those Christmas movies that you start watching and slightly question why you’re watching it, but then it pulls you right in! Lifetime has been playing this bad boy a ton, so make sure you watch and make it a holiday staple!




Ebbie is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies and I can’t go through the holiday season without watching it at least once! It’s a Christmas Carol remake, but it is by far one of the best. Susan Lucci stars as Ebbie who runs a department store and has lost the meaning of Christmas. We all know the story of Scrooge, but this film puts it’s own classic spin on the tale, making it a holiday classic!

I’ve been watching this movie since the mid 90’s and it still holds up. The quality of the story and acting sucked me in at a very young age. My whole family loves this movie and yours will too. Go watch it now! You won’t be disappointed!




This film is an ABC Family Original Christmas movie starring Christina Milian as Angela. She discovers a Christmas themed dream world in a snow globe and of course the world is perfect and its always Christmas! The snow globe world is what Angela has always wanted, and inside she meets a man named Doug who falls in love with her and accidently ventures out into the real world.

Snowglobe melts my heart and is such a cheesy and wonderful Christmas movie! Angela must realize that the real Christmas she has is better than her snow globe dream. I love this movie for the pure Christmas joy! If you haven’t watched it and you love a nice little fantasy, definitely check it out!



Trust me when I say that these four Christmas movies are wonderful, magical, and will warm your soul! Go find out when they’re on TV right now! Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! What are your must holiday movies?.

Next Post: My top 5 Christmas Music!



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