Breaking the Holiday Cycle!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday, I sure did! My man and I got some workouts in, but not quite as many as I’d have liked. It was frigid temperatures in the Northeast. Burr. And I filled my belly just the right amount, even trying some delicious cheesecake. But damn have we been inundated with post holiday weight gain ads and articles. Count me out! I’m not going to debunk holiday weight gain. We are going to break this cycle together!

Apparently most people gain about a pound and a half around each holiday. Damn! Those that are normally active and stay active during the holidays have it way better. They actually tend to lose around a pound and a half. That’s right! This whole holiday weight gain is silly people. Just ridiculous! I implore you NOT to fall into that trap. Stay active, keep up the great work and break the cycle people!

Its as easy as keep doing what you’re doing people. There’s no reason to go and change your lifestyle this time of year. Sure, you’ll probably be a little more social during the holidays and you’ll end up going to more parties than you normally do. Have fun, but in moderation! There’ll be more temptation, and trust me, you can still indulge. There’s definitely a secret to the whole thing. Just continue what you’ve been doing all year. Don’t go overboard. If you eat a bunch of carbs one day, cut back the next day and your body will right itself! If you skip a day or two of exercise, get right back at it on day three!

Doesn’t my secret tip amaze you, and how simple it is? Trust me its fool proof. And let me give you another secret. Share your deserts! Trust me, anything that’s rich and filling will be so satisfying if you just split it or only have a little piece. The first couple of bites always taste the best! And if you want to try multiple deserts, then you won’t feel guilty. I’ve realized that when you feel guilty about eating, you tend to continue to over eat. So share those sweets and feel good after.

Make sure to stay positive and think healthy during the holidays. We as people often self-fulfill our own prophesies. If we think we’re going to be late, we are normally late. If we think we’re going to gain weight then you guessed it, we will gain weight. Instead just keep saying, “We’re not going to fall into holiday weight gain.” We’re debunking it people! December is just another month. It just happens to close out the year with lots of parties, fun gatherings, spending time with family, and a few treats that we don’t normally have. Enjoy them with ease.

Breaking the holiday cycle is all about having fun! And that really is the big secret. Just have fun people! Have fun with your friends and family. Have fun at your parties. Stick to your guns and indulge just the right amount. Maybe even get your family together for some winter activity: skiing, snowboarding, sledding or just a nice hike! Stay active anyway you can. Break that cycle people! Stay positive and don’t fall into that negative trap of weight gain. And most importantly, have a Happy Holidays!

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