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Being a positive person can be a blessing and a curse. Being a positive person on the Internet can be even harder, but don’t give up kids! How many times have you seen a person, restaurant, or business be put on blast online? How many times did they actually deserve it? It can totally cloud your judgment and makes finding the truth difficult. What if you could read only positive reviews and recommendations from real people who actually like something? Along came a wonderful little app called Hey Lets, keeping things positive and joyful!

Hey Lets is all about sharing positive experiences. Only the good stuff kids! Click here to download. It’s all things people in your city love and enjoy. That’s the main reason why I downloaded the app, and why I enjoy contributing. I hate it when I look on Yelp, only to find one of my favorite places being trashed because the patron had to wait too long, or didn’t find their server friendly enough, or found the place too bougie. Give me a break! Most of the criticism online is simply uncool and unnecessary. Honestly, I just want to know what’s good about a place. Thank you Hey Lets.


That’s all they want on Hey Lets, what’s awesome and fun about anything and everything around you! They encourage you to share your positive and unique experiences, with pics of course. It’s also a great place to discover new and interesting spots you’ve never heard of. Do you like hikes? In the Los Angeles area Hey Lets recommendations you can find so many awesome hiking trails and hidden gems! It’ll get you out of going on those generic Runyon Canyon hikes and into finding wonderful new spots, experiencing a piece of Los Angeles brand new to you. SCORE kids!


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The app is also great for traveling. Do you travel a lot and want to find out where the locals go and what they love? Hey Lets is your go to app for that! What better way to have a wonderful trip than to experience it like a local? You can find the best museums, cafes, restaurants, beaches, hiking trails, parks, and so much more. It’s international too kids! If you’re traveling to Vancouver, Sydney, Tokyo, and more, Hey Let’s can be your personalized travel guide.


What about all those places you want to try, but struggle to remember? Yep, I had a mental list of restaurants, but of course would never remember when it was time to eat. With Hey Lets I’m constantly wish-listing restaurants I want to try, letting the app make a list for me. So next time I want to try a new spot, I don’t have to bank on my memory. I can just open my Hey Lets wish list. So easy!

Let’s take back the Internet and bring positivity to our experiences and the places we love. No more trashing a place online. Instead share a wonderful experience and inspire someone else to go and share his or her wonderful experience and so on and so on! Make a snowball of smiles. Would you like to experience a beautiful sunset from a rooftop in Venice Beach, while enjoying delicious tapas and drinks? Heck yeah! That’s just one of the many experiences I’ve shared with Hey Let’s (Check it out here).

Bring what you love to your unique experiences. Share your adventures with others! Hey Lets is fun and my new favorite app for the phone. Download from my personal link here and start something new!


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1 Comment

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