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BBQ Essentials Buyer’s Guide: Time To Get Outside!

May is here and we’re so close to summer kids. Arm yourself with the necessities for your outdoor adventures, BBQ essentials for Memorial Day! Our May Buyer’s Guide is here!


The weather is warming up and BBQ season is upon us. It’s a good time to start thinking about how to enjoy your Memorial Day and plan some summer parties. Our vote is for an awesome BBQ or picnic. What’s essential? Some solid grilling tools, an amazing picnic basket and of course, a nice lounge raft for the pool or ocean! What will you being wearing to this amazing BBQ? We have some suggestions for that too!

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our essential buyer’s guide! Now it’s time for our May Buyer’s Guide! Gear up for your Memorial Day BBQ and all of your summer parties!


BBQ Essentials Buyer’s Guide
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18 Piece BBQ Tool Set ($39.99)

Let’s face it, you don’t really want to use your indoor cooking utensils outside. To grill you definitely need to arm yourself with great tools. This tool set is also perfect if you’re BBQing in a park and not at your house. It has a carry case and everything. You’ll want to cook on the grill every night of the week!


5 Piece Margarita Set ($59.98)

Who doesn’t love margaritas? They are the perfect summer cocktail. Even better than buying a margarita is making your own homemade margs! A perfect purchase for Cinco de Mayo and for your first BBQ of the season. You’ll definitely be having a lot of BBQs just so you can make some delicious homemade margs! Yum!


Perfect Picnic Basket ($52.49)

If you’re not planning any BBQ parties this month, you can still have an intimate outing with this picnic basket. It is full service for two with a corkscrew. Definitely pack a bottle of wine in there. You can bring this to outdoor movies this summer, for a day at the beach, or for an intimate picnic in the park!


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Inflatable Lounge ($7.09)

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, then this bad boy is an essential part of your pool experience. You definitely want to get two, because let’s face it, if you have a friend over or you’re with your significant other they’re going to want to hop on this bad boy! It even has a cup holder for your margarita glass. SCORE!


Beach Umbrella ($47.20)

I love being in the sun, but we all need to protect our skin. This beach umbrella tilts so you can adjust it to the angle of the sun. It also comes with a nice carrying case. This is perfect to put up in your backyard or bring to a park as well. You’ll thank yourself for owning one!


Classic Tie Dye Maxi Dress ($128.00)

This Maxi dress is perfect for a BBQ, Picnic, or even a party on the beach. I love Maxi dresses. I own a ton and I’ve been dying for a classic tie dye one. You will be able to rock this bad boy to so many different events this summer. It’s definitely worth the investment!


Men’s Jersey Tanks ($5.94)

I love men who embrace wearing tank tops, especially men with toned arms. Maybe it’s a California or tropical thang, but I love it. I think all men in the summer should rock them, as long as they are comfortable. Having an arsenal of these tank tops is perfect for your next BBQ!




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