Artificial dyes exposed: Kraft Mac and Cheese


It’s no secret that processed foods are full of additives here in the United States. To make things worse, the food industry has been extremely protective of what they add into our food. So many foods contain artificial dyes, added simply for ascetics. The other day Kraft Mac and Cheese decided they will no longer be adding food dyes into their boxed Mac and Cheese. Finally a win! It took a massive petition by food blogger Food Babe to get it done. So long unnecessary food additives.

Say what you want about the Food Babe, she has principals and is constantly going up against large corporations, demanding lists of ingredients and petitioning them to remove food additives. This is definitely a good thing in my book! It’s no secret that most people don’t read the labels of food. Most people believe that what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Not true kids. Not cool at all!


The worst part about unnecessary food additives like artificial dyes is that corporations have been told to NOT add them into their products in other countries. In places like the UK, France, Norway, Austria, and Finland there is no dye in the Mac and Cheese. That’s right! For years these countries have stopped the addition of artificial dyes to foods like Kraft Mac and Cheese, cereal, cake mixes, cheese, sports drinks, and even candy. Companies alter their ingredients based on the law and we the consumer lose.

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What’s most upsetting is that many legal food additives in America are BANNED in other countries. Some have been proven to cause cancer, induce asthma, harm our central nervous system, and damage our kidneys. Here in the United States we have rally a massive petition to make food safer for ourselves and our children.


Oh no, the Mac and Cheese we ate as children might not be that bright orange color it’s always been. The color was manufactured. It was fake and harmful. It’s time to get used to healthier ingredients in our foods, ones that are natural. Who knows, the food might even taste better with all natural ingredients. Kraft, for example, will now be adding paprika and turmeric to their Mac and Cheese blend. Turmeric is an AMAZING spice. It’s an anti-oxidant and a powerful anti-inflammatory. This is progress; Kraft takes out a toxic ingredient and ads in a spice with health benefits!


More companies need to change their ingredients by removing unnecessary food additives like dyes. It’s critical for us all to be aware of what we’re eating, and even more important that we stop supporting foods and brands that blatantly disregard our health.

Change is happening kids, a little at a time. Keep reading those food labels, stay conscious of what you’re eating, and keep pushing for healthy change!



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