Are You Afraid of The Dark: The Ring Girl | Jill and Jack S2E28

Jill and Jack are weird nursery rhymes, a bastardized classic in a comedy web series. Jill and Jack head to the camp fire for an ‘Are You Afraid of The Dark?’ tale of horror. Webisode twenty-eight of season two.

The scariest story EVER hits the camp fire for an Are You Afraid of The Dark? inspired tale of horror and misery. The Ring girl haunts and murders Jack after he watches the most disturbing online horror movie named Daylight. Can anyone save him? Jill must decide.

Halloween means scary stories and nothing is spookier than The Ring girl. Why would you ever watch the video, knowing she’ll come kill you? Jill and Jack do it anyways.

Jill and Jack… over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.


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1 Comment

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