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April Survival Buyers Guide!


Three full months down in 2015 and plenty of reasons to stay happy and fit! April is here, which means it’s time to enjoy spring. These buyers guide items will help you keep focus and let loose.

This month is still heavy on the fitness. They say Summer bodies are made in April, so get at it while still finding time to rest your sore body. If you’re into ‘Game of Thrones,’ now is the perfect time to binge watch the previous seasons before Sunday April 12th’s premiere! Grab a Google Chromecast below, and get logged in to HBO Go.


It’s time for our April Survival Buyers Guide kids!

Check back at the beginning of each month for another unique guide, because every month is different and we all need help to survive.

iPhone 6 (64 gig)

I’m an iPhone girl through and through! It’s the only smart phone I’ve ever owned, and I just bought an iPhone 6 last month. OMG, it’s the best one yet (obviously).

The best part is the space: you can get either 16 gigs (no way) or 64 gigs (heck yah). Splurge on the 64 gigs and say goodbye to headaches. No more deleting pictures and videos. No more rationing music. This bad boy has a built-in health app and I totally bring it on runs and log all of my fitness.

Google Chromecast

I’ve had a Google Chromecast for a while now, but it keeps getting better. You can stream HBO Go, and numerous other apps, from your phone to your TV using this bad boy. You now have a WEEK to catch up on Game of Thrones! If you pay for HBO, you can download HBO Go for free. Go and watch that bad boy. The Chromecast will definitely help you catch up on some great TV shows and movies!

Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat

I’m all about the eco-friendly yoga mats and the comfy ones. Having a mat that you’re comfortable with is necessary for a good yoga practice and a continued schedule. Now is the perfect time to add yoga into your workout routine. Get a great mat and get at it!

Gaiam Harmony Tree Yoga Mat Bag

If you want to get serious about yoga, you need a bag to put your mat in. Trust me. It’s much nicer to grab your mat bag and sling it over a shoulder on your way to yoga class. I love this super reasonable Gaiam bag! I have one and my man has one too.

Origins Modern Friction

Taking care of your skin, specifically your face, is super important to a healthy and happy life! I have been using Origins Modern Friction for a few years now. I use it once a week to wash my face, and my face always feels WONDERFUl after I use it. You only need a pea size dollop, so that bad boy lasts for a very long time!

Valeo Jump Rope

I love jumping rope! It’s a great cardio and strength workout. You can bring this bad boy ANYWHERE, and find a place to jump rope when you’re on vacation this spring and summer! Find different circuits to spice up the jump rope.


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All these buyers guide items will help you have a fabulous April 2015! They’re all designed to keep you focused on your mind, body, and soul kids!

Our April Survival Buyers Guide will you keep you focused and on your path to have a healthy and happy 2015!


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