And Just Like That Season 2 Ep9 | Happily Ever After

And Just Like That Season 2 episode 9 shows us a happily ever after. It appears that Aidan and Carrie are the real deal and this time around their relationship will last. Where does this leave us?


And Just Like That Season 2 episode 9 shows us a happily ever after. Aidan and Carrie are living their best life. Carrie loved his family even though one of his sons did not like Carrie. It appears their relationship is the real deal, but where does this leave us, the viewer?

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 9 Reaction

This is the aftermath of Carrie’s trip to Virginia. Everything went well, even though Aidan’s son, Wyatt, doesn’t like Carrie. They are still at Che’s though that quickly changes when they get a letter from management. Don’t worry though because Che’s now making enough/had enough from the Airbnb sublets to live month to month and live in her apartment.

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This leads us to Carrie deciding to sell her apartment. Aidan still won’t go there and what about Aidan and his son’s visiting Carrie. This feels a bit weird because where does this relationship and the show go? Does she buy this place, Aidan moves to NYC for when he doesn’t have his kids and they all live happily ever after?

Of course Seema and the film director who she helps find an apartment start to have the sex. Watch this be the man Seema gets serious with. I liked when Seema brings the director to her dinner with Aidan and Carrie. Aidan fan boys out on the guy because him and his sons love his films.

Apparently Lisa is pregnant. This feels off brand. Nya has amazing casual sex only to find out that Andre got the song writer pregnant. He flaunts it all over his instagram.

Miranda and Charlotte think Brady and Lily are hooking up. They awkwardly try to catch them, but I kind of like the idea of Brady and Lily. What do you think? Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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