And Just Like That Season 2 Ep8 | Past Mistakes

And Just Like That Season 2 episode 8 Carrie regrets past mistakes. This leads her to think Big was a mistake. This part of her story, I do not like. She see’s Big as the reason why her relationship with Aidan never worked.


And Just Like That Season 2 episode 8 Carrie past mistakes. Carrie dives right into her relationship with Aidan. With the ease and effortlessness of her current relationship with Aidan, she can’t help but think that Big was a mistake. I definitely do not like this direction of the show.

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 8 Reaction

I never thought Aidan and Carrie were on the same page. It felt like Aidan wanted a suburban life with kids and Carrie wanted to live in the city and be free from children. It felt like to me that the life she had with Big was the life she wanted. They had each other, living in a beautiful apartment, having their friends, but really living their life together.

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The riff with Seema and Carrie was my favorite part of this episode. Carrie dives so deep in with Aidan that she’s losing herself and honestly not thinking about her friends. Seema doesn’t know Carrie has a “we” with anyone. She makes some very solid points to Carrie.

The relationship with Carrie and Aidan I think is 50/50. It feels like it’s not going to work because he still wants nothing to do with her apartment. But at the end Carrie is off to Virginia to stay on his farm! I did really enjoy Miranda’s story line. This is definitely on brand for her being the star intern on her first day!

I’m definitely excited to see what happens after Carrie visits Aidan, but is this relationship lasting more than this season? What do you think? Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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