And Just Like That Season 2 Ep7 | Carrie Becomes Big

And Just Like That Season 2 episode 7 Carrie becomes Big. Finally, it happens! Aidan comes back into Carrie’s life. This gave us the revelation that Carrie is 100% Aidan’s big.


And Just Like That Season 2 episode 7 Carrie becomes Big. Carrie is definitely Aidan’s Big. They’ve had such an up and down relationship. It appears that Aidan can’t resist her!

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 7 Reaction

It’s now Valentine’s Day. Everyone is preparing for their special evenings. Aidan is in town and asks Carrie out to dinner so we have that anticipation. Miranda ignores Che’s calls/text. This is very Miranda like in how she handles a breakup. She also hits on and has a date with an audio book actress who she randomly meets, but then ghosts her when she shows up to her apartment and the woman is an absolute mess.

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Charlotte takes Rock all around town for Model meetings only for them not to want to be a model anymore. Then Charlotte accidentally eats a pot brownie and thinks she’s having a stroke when she meets Harry for their Valentine’s day dinner. Lisa is also hilarious in this episode, fearing her son will have sex with his girlfriend on her bed. In reality, the pair take photos of her designer clothes/accessories in her gorgeous closet, which is even more of a crime.

Carrie and Aidan’s dinner date is of course just a tease. It first looks like Aidan stands Carrie up, only for them to realize that Carrie is at the wrong restaurant. They have an amazing date and then walk back to her apartment. Aidan freaks out! This is why I say Carrie is Aidan’s Big because she put him through a lot and his line is that apartment. So of course their love story can’t end yet and it ends with them about to go to a hotel.

Aidan says he’ll never go back into Carrie’s apartment again. Is this just a fling or are we really going to get a full rekindling of their relationship? What do you all think? Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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