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And Just Like That Season 2 episode 10 is the precursor to Carrie’s heartbreak. Even though Carrie and Aidan’s relationship flourishes, his son Wyatt definitely throws an unexpected wrench, one that I don’t think Aidan will avoid.


And Just Like That Season 2 episode 10 is the precursor to Carrie’s heartbreak. Most of the episode, we saw Carrie and Aidan still living their happily ever after! Carrie bought the new brownstone and sold hers to Lizette. We, of course, were reminded that none of it is “final” yet.

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 10 Reaction

Aidan gets a call from his ex-wife and she explains that their son Wyatt was in an accident. She, of course, doesn’t give Aidan the full details. Once Aidan gets back to Virgina, he finds out that Wyatt and his ex got into a fight. Wyatt hitches 30 miles to Aidan’s farm, drinks a bunch of beer, then gets into Aidan’s truck and crashes it. Aidan is,rightfully so, devastated that he wasn’t there. I don’t see how Aidan continues to come to NYC. This is Wyatt’s reaction to his and Carrie’s relationship.

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Charlotte flexes her working girl independent muscles. She told Harry and the girls she would be busier and they continue to 100% rely on her. She even throws her phone into a pitcher of Margarita’s, which honestly is only ever done in tv shows and movies.

I love that Seema is having the sex with her film director man and she says I love you to him. Of course he says it back. This feels like something Seema wouldn’t do, but also would do.

Miranda is a bit blah in this episode. She should have texted Che before she went to the comedy show. Do you think Aidan and Carrie are breaking up in the season 2 finale? Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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