And Just Like That Episode 6 | Good Or Bad?

And Just Like That Season 1 Ep6 is it good or bad? So far there have been flashes of Sex And The City vibes, but they are few and far between. It doesn’t make me lose faith that show can’t be really good.


And Just Like That Season 1 Ep6 is it good or bad? I’m on the fence whether this show will get any better. It truly feels like they’re telling a mundane story line when it started so dynamic.

Quick Review Episode 6

The whole Carrie apartment story line is lame. I’m over it, but I do enjoy her and Sema together. She’s my favorite addition to the show. We need something to heat up with Carrie’s story line though. I like the time jump, but she hasn’t done anything with that time.

Charlotte is very much on brand and I like that she’s learning. She’s fumbling through it, but very much in a Charlotte way. I like to see her growing.

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Miranda is still being extremely infuriating. I just think that all she has gone through would have led her to being more open and honest. I’m not sure why she took Steve back just to turn around and do the same exact thing to him. It feels counterproductive. Though I do like Miranda exploring herself, who she is, and her sexuality.

And Just Like That Season 1 Ep6 is it good or bad? There are flashes of Sex and The City vibes in this episode, but it’s still not there. I think Samantha would add a lot to this show. It also needs to get to the point instead of showing us all this work. Share with me your thoughts on And Just Like That Ep6 and check out our quick review.

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