More Than 7 Minutes in Heaven with De Lux’s “Better at Making Time”

In the Details by Ashley Berry

Do you remember playing “seven minutes in heaven” back in middle school? Yeah, me neither. I wasn’t cool enough to have any pre-pubescent boys vying for a chance to swap spit with me, but all 7 minutes and 32 seconds of “Better at Making Time” by Los Angeles-based up-and-comers, De Lux, is everything I ever imagined the experience to be, assuming I would have been shut into a dark closet with someone I had actually wanted to have one of my first make out sessions with.

The opening bassline is funky and just slightly awkward until the guitar rhythm creeps in and begins the song’s build into something exhilarating and magical.  If you’re still fighting off the urge to dance by the time the keyboard comes in, I guarantee that you will break down once you hear the cow bell. Yep, the cow bell’s gonna get you.

Deemed as “Artists You Should Know” by KCRW, Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco began recording music as De Lux in the process of trying to create a different band and they are now rapidly becoming known for their own habit-forming brand of post-disco dance punk. I recommend that you go ahead and put the lead track off of their EP on loop so that you can have every groovy beat memorized before their show at the Echo tonight celebrating the release of their debut full-length album, Voyage, because there is no doubt that “Better at Making Time” is going to be one of the slow burn hits of the summer.


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