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Goldfish Crackers for Adults – 5 Reasons they Rock

I am a super huge cracker fan! I’ve loved Goldfish crackers since I was a child and here are 5 reasons why they still rock!

These bad boys are not just for kids. No way! Did you know that on the back of the package the first ingredient says Made with Smiles? We didn’t know that either but that just makes us love them EVEN more! These bad boys are perfect. They make any party better and just know when you put them out you will not have any leftovers. Go buy a large carton but make sure you don’t eat the whole thing! How about you try dipping them in say ranch dip, cheese, or salsa? YUMMY! Let’s not forget those medical marijuana goldfish crackers too!

Share your goldfish crackers and watch my five reasons why they rock!

Mandi loves a throwback and she loves Vlogging:
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Happy #TBT! I love goldfish crackers!
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