2015 Sports Predictions sees a Title for Michigan, New York Yankees, or Boston Celtics


2015 Sports Predictions sees championship glory for either Jim Harbaugh with Michigan football, the New York Yankees, or the Boston Celtics. Which historic franchise wins it all first, in 2015 or beyond?

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Predicting the Top Draft pick w/ the best 2015



The only thing I’ll say in regards to which Top Draft pick will have the best New Year is about picking Jahlil Okafor. It seems unlikely Philadelphia would select him if it ended up with the first pick. He, Noel and Embiid cannot all play together. They also already have another big in 6-10 power forward Dario Saric who they took last year and stashed in Europe. They cannot take a fourth big.

But this may help in Okafor’s quest to have the most successful 2015. No one on Philadelphia has sniffed anything approaching success in years. He’d be better off on pretty much any other team at this point in time.

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Ask and you shall receive. Continuing the 2015 Sports predictions, lets move from the individual to the teams on the field. This time College Football, MLB, and the NBA collide as I ask the question, which historic franchise will find championship glory first, in 2015 or beyond?

Will it be Jim Harbaugh winning it all at Michigan, the New York Yankees winning the World Series, or the Boston Celtics winning the NBA championship? Which of these formerly dominant teams wins a title first?



Harbaugh at Michigan – Boston Celtics – New York Yankees



This is a fascinating trio of teams you supplied me with. Since the question is which team wins a championship first, my answer is easy though. It’s Michigan and Jim Harbaugh.

Boston has no shot at winning a title for a long while. It has zero quality building blocks on its roster right now other than a couple of defensive guards. Building through the draft and collecting assets is a proven way to win in the NBA. It also takes a number of years to come to fruition (if it ever does) when starting with a cupboard this bare. NBA teams do not luck into titles.

For New York, the whole “lucking into a title” thing is certainly possible. There is no reason the Yankees in 2015 will be significantly worse than what the Royals were in 2014, and look how close they came. But other than a fluky run through September and October, the Yankees are not built to win anytime soon either. It is still an incredibly old roster with a thinner than desired farm system behind it.

The Yankees will get back to title glory, but it will take a while.

Which brings me to Michigan. Turning a team around in college football does not take a while. It can happen overnight, with one or two huge recruiting classes. Look at what Urban Meyer did at Harbaugh’s now-biggest rival. Or look at what Harbaugh himself did at Stanford.

With the new playoff, Michigan doesn’t even have to be one of the two best teams in the nation. The Wolverines just have to reach that playoff conversation to give themselves a shot. And who knows, by 2017, the college football playoff field could already have doubled in size.

None of the three teams are close right now, which is why you asked. But because of the nature of the sport and the ability to recruit wins, Michigan is definitely the closest.



Interesting you tab Michigan under Jim Harbaugh as the first to take the title, but I can understand. It certainly appears easy to turn a program around in college football and Harbaugh is the master of doing this. But the first over the Yankees and Celtics?

I not so humbly disagree with your prediction. Harbaugh will have a huge and instant impact on Michigan football and I do see the playoffs in their future, within three seasons. But taking it all the way and winning the National Championship is another success entirely.

We do agree on the Boston Celtics; they can turn it around quickly through the draft, but besting LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to even make the NBA Finals seems just a bit out of reach as we enter 2015.

The New York Yankees will win a World Series before Michigan or the Celtics sniff a title. Similar to how the Red Sox went worst to first, the Yankees are now in position to surprise people. No one in Major League Baseball expects the Yankees to dominate in 2015, even with their powerhouse pitching staff. This is where they will be wrong. The Yankees will be back in the postseason, winning the AL East.

I’m not going to far as to predict a World Series title for New York in 2015, but I see one in the three year outlook. They win another championship with CC Sabathia, taking home a title before Harbaugh wins the Playoffs or the Celtics sniff the NBA Finals. That’s my 2015 Sports Predictions moment of truth.


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Photos courtesy of Michigan University, the New York Yankees, and the Boston Celtics.


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