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The Hunger Games Part 2

By on May 31, 2013

The World According to Mandi is at it again with a three part series on The Hunger Games! It’s all about the first Hunger Games film. Check out my three reasons why I think the movie should have been way better, especially since the first book was such a rich source of material! Tune back in for Part 3 discussing my recommendations on what can make these films better!

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Mandi Mellen (@mandimellen and is an actress, writer, and producer in Los Angeles. LA! She has performed in film, television and internet webseries, writing mainly comedy and dramedy. Mandi lives a super healthy lifestyle focusing on her love of power yoga, running and her desire to cook low calorie and high vegetable meals. She loves rocking to music, reading books like "Hunger Games" and great TV and film. Mandi is also one for a guilty pleasure, don't judge. Be on the lookout for her in TV, film and commercials. And tune in at Buzzchomp for Mandi's writing and video blogs!

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