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The West Wing Revisited S1E6 is all about a Presidential threat. Right at the beginning of the episode, while the President plays poker with his colleagues and friends there is an intruder on the White House lawn. At first, this doesn’t feel like a big deal, of course it is!


The West Wing Revisited S1E6 is a Presidential threat. At first, no one is really phased by this threat to the President. It isn’t until later that Leo privately tells the President that woman who got on the white house lawn wasn’t after him, but after Zoe, the President daughter. That’s when the reality of this sets in.

The West Wing S1E6 Reaction

Josh and Charlie make a plan to grab a beer after work, which ends up being a nice little outing. Sam, CJ, Zoe, and Leo’s daughter, Mallory all join in. Of course they’re having a fun, but it takes a turn.

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Zoe, innocently goes to get a drink for CJ and is harassed by 3 men. Of course Charlie comes to her aid. I love how nice, honest, and sweet Charlie is. When Charlie and Zoe are being threatened by these guys, Sam and Josh come to their aid. Josh using Zoe’s panic button for the secret service to come to their aid.

The President and Zoe truly have a heart to heart at the end. Zoe doesn’t fully understand the weight of the threats, especially ones on her life, that her father has to deal with. He explains to her that she could be used as a political, but also military tactic against him. If someone takes her and wants him to use his political standing, the response will be we don’t negotiate with terrorist. Of course this is not his response.

This episode does open up the reality of being a President with a family. I still think Charlie and Zoe might get together. Do you? What are your thoughts on S1E6. Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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