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The West Wing Revisited S1E7 set aside politics. It’s a State dinner event and no one likes the politician they’re hosting. He’s done bad things, but it is what it is. This man is their ally and they all have to put on a happy face.


The West Wing Revisited S1E7 dives into setting aside politics. A State dinner is here and of course most of the stuff does not agree with the person they’re hosting. He’s done bad things and he seems uninterested in even conversing with the President.

The West Wing S1E6 Reaction

I love Josh and Donna. They have such a fun relationship. She’s always trying to convince him of why they shouldn’t support something. Josh tells her this they have to do.

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Not only is the State dinner happening, but there is a hurricane that’s about to hit a part of the US. It’s going to hit a Navy base, so protocol is to move the ships to off shore. Of course, the hurricane ends up not hitting land, but sea. Those Navy ships will be severely impacted. The President talks to a man on the smallest ship, knowing that he will be the last person this man speaks to.

Sam runs into is prostitute friend at the State dinner and is super upset. We finally meet the President’s wife and she meets Sam’s friend too. There is a reminder here that we keep getting throughout this show. These are good people! Sam is a good person.

President Barlet is a good man and trying to be a good President. That is what this show keeps telling us. What are your thoughts on S1E7. Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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