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May Survival Buyer’s Guide


May 2015 is here! This year is moving along nicely, so get to shopping. The weather has finally changed and it’s time to dress and act like it’s summer with another Buyer’s Guide!

This month we’re FASHION and home heavy! One can’t have enough flip flops, and it’s time to get a pair of Sanuk’s! A girl or boy should always have a pair of Chucks as well.

Don’t forget how therapeutic gardening can be. Even if you only have a balcony, you can have pretty flowers and vegetables growing! What better time than now to not only get into gardening, but the art of homemade espresso. Think about all the money you’ll save by not going to Starbucks daily. Score!

It’s time for our May Survival Buyer’s Guide!

Check back at the beginning of each month for another unique guide, because every month is different and we all need help to survive.

Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops

It’s time to break out those flip flops. These Sanuk yoga mat flip flops are my FAVORITE. You can wear them for hours and they’re super comfy. They come in a variety of colors. Trust me they will be your favorite pair of shoes to wear!

Free People Max Dress

Long Dresses are perfect for the spring and summer. I love throwing one on and running out for the day. You can dress it up with a pair of heels, or dress it down with your new pair of flip flops. Once you get one long dress you’ll be sure to keep buying more.

Cuisinart Espresso Maker

A few years ago I got an espresso maker. I now LOVE making my own espresso. I used to buy latte’s every Sunday, but now I make my own homemade espresso drinks. I once read an article about a couple who stopped buying lattes and just saved the money up for a vacation! So if you’re planning on going on vacation, you can totally invest in an espresso maker and REAP those savings.

Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Now is the time to get a fresh pair of white sneakers! Converse Chuck Taylor are super comfy and in style right now. Grab yourself a pair of white or ANY color. You can get a pair for your boyfriend or girlfriend too. They’re unisex so it makes it even easier. They’re perfect to run around in this summer.

Greenland Gardener
Greenland Gardener

I love my garden! I can’t have a big one, but I can have a small one on my balcony. If you’re new to gardening, this contraption is PERFECT!

Funky Veg Kit
Funky Veg Kit

What better way to start gardening than by growing vegetables. There is no real secret to gardening. Don’t over water. Make sure they get plenty of light and give them a little love! Then watch as they bear their fruits! It’s both fun and relaxing.


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All of these items will help you have a fabulous May! You can look and feel great with all of these purchases. They’re all designed to keep you focused on your mind, body, and soul kids!

Our May Survival Buyer’s Guide will you keep you focused and on your path to have a healthy and happy 2015!



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