Just Breathe!


The longer I live on this planet and the more experiences I have, the more I’ve come to realize that most people don’t just breathe! It’s so simple and fundamental, yet most people freak out instead of taking a deep breath. I’ve been practicing yoga for the past eight years, quite religiously, and the very first thing I remember from my first ever yoga class was the instructor explaining that no matter how strenuous a pose gets, just breathe. Focus on your breath and stay calm in a difficult situation. He then went on to dive deeper into how just breathing during this difficult situation will help you to just breathe during all of life’s difficult situations. Preach IT, is what I should have said back, if I had any foresight into how many times in the past eight years I’ve just breathed my way out of something difficult.



Just breathe people! I find it fascinating how vocal we’ve all become with the storm of social media. But man, breathing is so much better then venting to the world. Now-a-days we’re just one click away from reading about someone’s seemingly benign daily “tragedy.” I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen a person post about their “headache,” “stomach ache,” or “fender bender,” and we all know the list goes on. Sometimes I want to comment on these things and say drink water, or stop eating those Cheetos, but mostly I want to say just to breathe people!

Countless times I’ve come across my very own benign tragedy. Take last week for example; I went down to my garage to start my car and go work a job. I started my car, but something felt very off. I then turned my car off and went to turn it back on and the battery was dead! Yep. Dead! Not turning back on. In my former life I would have gotten upset, probably swore a ton, cried a bit, and felt helpless. But I didn’t do that. I sat there for a moment and just breathed. I called my man, who graciously told me he’d come work from home and let me borrow his car. I didn’t let it ruin the full day I had ahead of me. I just let it go people. I told my man we’d deal with it tomorrow, and by not overreacting I ended up finding my original battery receipt. It was three and a half years old with a five-year warranty. Score kids! All I had to do was bring my car back and get a new FREE battery. Sure enough, the next morning my car started up and within an hour I had a brand new battery!



I just breathed it out people; no screaming, no crying, no swearing. I knew from the moment I sat in my lifeless car that I had to let it go. Honestly, I felt a nice little serge of empowerment after the experience. Woo! I’m very much a positive person, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t go through ups and downs, experiencing things I’d rather not have to. But ultimately it’s not what happens to you, but how you react!

Take in that deep, deep breath. Now do it again. Try it next time and every other time you’re frustrated or angry. You won’t ever overreact again. Amen to that! It’s gotten me through my own versions of life’s tragedies and my own benign daily problems. I always, without a doubt, just breathe.

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