Denzel Washington Top 5 Roles All Time

Denzel Washington top 5 roles of all time! Denzel always plays great characters in a wide variety of genre’s. I haven’t ever watched a Denzel film that he doesn’t make an interesting choice, put his all into, and make us believe 100% he is that person.


Denzel Washington Top 5 roles of all time! Definitely one of the greatest actors of his generation. Denzel always picks interesting roles and films. He captivates the screen and always makes us 100% believe that he is that person.


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The variety of characters and films of Denzel’s is amazing. I absolutely love him in Fallen, an underrated film and performance. Let’s not forget how he embodied Malcolm X transforming into him and just bringing to life his journey. I’m a sucker for Christmas movies and I just love The Preacher’s Wife. He’s adorable and fun in it. The post apocalyptic film The Book Of Eli is definitely underrated in my book. He’s so good in it.

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My top film is Training Day. He is so good as a bad guy. His portrayal is so fabulous. Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Top 5.



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