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Dear Mattie Podcast: Ep16 Tia Reiss and Meditation Healing



The Dear Mattie Show Podcast is throwing it back with Tia Reiss and her proven methods of meditating to find peace in your life. She’s a real straight shooter. Enjoy!

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Dear Mattie Show episode 16: Tia Reiss

Time to get your meditation on! Tia Reiss is my go-to spiritual expert, but since she’s also a single mom with two kids, she keeps it real y’all. I love how grounded she is. Instead of hippy dippy, Tia just gets to the heart of how to find peace in your own hectic day. I love that!



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Everyone needs a spiritual teacher. Oprah has Deepak, Gay Twinks have Mariah, and I have Tia Reiss. Tia’s modern take on meditation literally provided me with normal, achievable tools to meditate. I’m still not great at it, but her advice has proven to be so helpful. Meditation is healing y’all.

Tia also has the BEST answer for our Chatty Mattie Question of the week: “Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?” I can’t say I’ve done it there!

Topics include: Am I being a bad friend by taking care of my kids; Do I close my eyes when I meditate; and Does dating people just for the sake of it make me a flaky dating whore?

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