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Dear Mattie Podcast: Ep 71 Lisa Schwartz and Fat Babies



The Dear Mattie Show Podcast is all new with Lisa Schwartz. She loves being weird on Youtube and is oh so funny. Plus Fat Babies and an Instagram contest. Enjoy!

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Dear Mattie Show episode 71: Lisa Schwartz

Lisa Schwartz is the cutest girl on YouTube, doing some of the most not so cute things. And she’s hilarious at it.



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Lisa Schwartz, to me, is the embodiment of the new American Dream. She has taken the joy of being silly, sexy, and smart and put it on the web for her millions of Youtube fans to see, and become a huge success. We had a great time answering your questions and sharing why we both are SO glad we didn’t have social media as children, because we would have been real ashamed!

Sugars, JOIN OUR INSTA CONTEST!!!! If you go to my Instagram @theMattMarr and find the picture with FAT BABY, the person who follows me and has the BEST caption will get their own personal Fat Baby sent by Lisa. SO GO GO GO! Fat Babies are seriously… da best.

Find all things Lisa on Youtube @lisbug and check out her new ABC series This Isn’t Working. Seriously, it made me spit out my Dr. Pepper y’all. Good stuff from a great gal. I love my job!


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The entire Dear Mattie Show can be found here:

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