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Top 6 Cool T-Shirts for a New School Year

My favorite time of year was always the new school year, because I absolutely loved doing back to school shopping and getting cool new clothes. Finding the perfect cool t-shirts can be difficult, so we’ve collected the top 6 cool t-shirts from across the web for the new school year!


What’s the worst thing that can happen to you when you walk into school? Okay, its not the worst thing, but it’s definitely not cool. Obviously, it’s wearing the exact same shirt as someone else. This is never fun and I know that if I knew my friend had a specific shirt, then there was no way that I would wear it. These six Cool T-shirts are so unique that you’ll be setting a new trend!

Don’t worry, these cool t-shirts will not be donned by your best friend, at least not yet. If they are, it’s because they went ahead and bought it after seeing you wear it! We’ve got t-shirts for men and women, but of course I’m always down for wearing any cool t-shirts, regardless of whether it says men or women.

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All of these are fun t-shirts and seriously, that’s what wearing a t-shirt is all about. You want to have fun with them and if you can make a statement about who you are, then even better! If you love old school images, parody shirts, tacos, the sun, and cannabis then these are all for you.

You’ll be looking fly when you step into the new school year, regardless of whether you’re actually in school anymore. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items listed via with prices at time of publication.


Top 6 Cool T-Shirts

I love this nostalgia t-shirt! It makes me laugh just looking at it and thinking about how funny it is. The shirt will definitely have people chuckling at you as you wear it, and that’s even better. I love the look of it and honestly, it can really be worn to a variety of functions!

As someone who loves Game of Thrones and loves Halloween, this shirt is amazing! Parody shirts rock and this one makes you do a double take. There will be some people who don’t get it, but will still laugh. Everything about it is fabulous and while it’s touted as a male shirt, anyone can rock this great t-shirt!


For you cannabis enthusiasts, this shirt is subtle which is one of the reasons I love it. Not only does it have a donut with mini pot leafs, but you’re baked not fried! I love subtle cannabis clothing like this. It’s perfect to show your love of cannabis, while also having a cool t-shirt.

I am a tank top fiend and am always looking for super cute graphic tanks. They are definitely more prevalent now, but for a long time I had to really search for cool ones. This one is super cute and comes in a variety of colors. I love the beach and the sentiment of the t-shirt!

I’ve seen other taco tanks and t-shirts before, but I really love this one. You can obviously style it however you want, but I love how they do it. Cuffed sleeves and tied with jean shorts is exactly how I would wear this. The simplicity of this shirt is great and I seriously do love tacos, so this shirt speaks to me!


This Healthy LA cannabis inspired t-shirt is perfect for the lady in your life who digs on cannabis! It combines multiple interests with the donut, as well as the cannabis theme. I definitely love that about this shirt and you can get it in many different colors, even though I love the pink!



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