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The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer Breakdown! Only six more episodes with Rick Grimes. It’s part of our BuzzChomp TV video series.


The Walking Dead dropped a new trailer just this past week and it’s going from All Out War to Civil War. The civil war they’re pegging here is between Rick, Daryl and Maggie. Most of the trailer hypes up with “civil war” and we’re not buying it. I do not think there is actually going to be as big of a strive between these three. I think that faux drama is really just to misguide the viewer.

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The real potential “civil war” is between the groups and the Saviors. None of them can be as open-minded as Rick (and Carl) and forgive the Saviors for their role with Negan. This is what they’re referring to in the civil war, but those of us who’ve read the comics know that this trailer also foreshadowed The Whisperers!

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In the comics, The Whisperers are the next villain and completely blind side our new burgeoning community. They make themselves known by killing some of our favorite characters like Ezekiel. I think that they will kill Rick and that’s how he’ll leave the show. It’ll be a symbol that everyone needs to band together.


This is what the Walking Dead season 9 trailer breakdown is all about. What did you all think about the trailer?

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