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The 5 Tibetan Rites make a great fitness circuit. It’s part of our BuzzChomp fitmom video series!


I have done the 5 Tibetan rites for years and it’s truly one of my go to at home stretching circuits. It’s great for a rest day or when you need a good stretch and release. Upon researching for this video though I realized I was doing it in the wrong order as well as I always did bridge instead of table. I decided to try it this traditional way and I love it!

Table really works your arms and at first I thought I might not be able to do it 21 times, but it felt great doing it. I really felt the strength and moving forward I’m always going to do it this way. Before I would not end with down dog/cobra, but it was my second exercise, but I love ending with it. Beware that you will feel it and be sweating by the end!

This way of doing the 5 Tibetan rites made my body sore the next day and even while performing the fitness circuit I felt the crevices in my body it worked. I don’t remember feeling it as much the way I used to do! I’m so happy that I re-researched this and decided to do a video about it. It’s given me a new-found appreciation.

Remember you do each exercise 21 times and I always just do one round of this, but I will be adding rounds to this. I know the Tibetan monks do a myriad of rounds of this fitness circuit! I’d love to work myself up to 10 rounds one day, but if you’re a beginner just start at 1!

Let me know how you like the 5 Tibetan rites and share with me any fitness circuits you’d like me to try!

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