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Spring Cleaning Buyer’s Guide – Get Organized!


Spring is here and that means its time for spring cleaning! Get organized with our April’s buyer’s guide, all about shopping the sales to organize your life!


Spring is the perfect time to get organized, but you need to arm yourself with the right tools. Start by organizing your closet and move along through each room in your house. When you’re done, treat yourself to some fitness organization. Buy a yoga mat bag or a gym bag!

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Check back at the beginning of every month for our essential buyer’s guide! Now it’s time for our April Buyer’s Guide! Gear up with these organization must haves, now on sale!


Spring Cleaning Buyer’s Guide
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51OLASzdt8LUnderwear Closet Organizer Drawer Divider – On Sale $13.99

Being disorganized drives me insane! Keeping your undies, bras, and socks divided is genius! This will also help you to not re-wear the same undies all the time. I’m guilty of this. Your drawer gets disorganized and you just grab for what is on top. With this you can see everything you have!



518C2CKaCJL._SY300_Whitmor 20 Pair Shoe Rack – On Sale $15.59

I have used a shoe rack for as long as I can remember. I love mine! It rocks. It allows you to see all of your shoes at once. You’ll wear all your shoes too, since you can now see them. Score!



51qVzG4cScL._SY300_ Large Corner Mount Shelf – On Sale $39.99

I’m all about decluttering my life and you should be too. I’d prefer not to have stuff all around my living room and this wall-mount shelf is perfect for displaying picture frames and decorative items. It will totally spice up your room too!


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Click N Lock Airtight Lock Containers – On Sale $16.99

I’m definitely having an obsession with containers for the kitchen. I could really use even more! They’re a much better way to keep your food fresh, especially if you don’t use your pasta or rice or flour every week. You don’t want those bad boys to go stale!



611tmD7eotL._SY355_Faux Leather Storage Ottoman – $57.99

I love these storage ottomans. They’re perfect to use as a coffee table, to put things in, and to put your feet on. If that isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is. It will totally tie your room together.



91YAcMSiXXL._SX355_ Tree of Life Yoga Mat Bag – $10.99

You can’t just hang out in your house all day. You need to get out there and stay fit kids. I love keeping my yoga mat in a bag. It’s perfect to carry over your shoulder and it won’t ever get dirty. It makes it easy to store too.



pTSA-17743842dtAdidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag – $19.99

Spring is all about getting prepared for summer and that means hitting the gym. You’ll want a killer duffel bag, because if you feel good heading inside, you’ll feel great while you’re there. Treat yourself to a cute gym bag. Throw all your essentials in there and never forget anything ever again! Organize your possessions and your life will follow!




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