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New Years is fun, but making resolutions is hard! Scientist Dan has a fool-proof, two-step process to nailing those pesky resolutions. The Science of New Years Resolutions is simple, effective, and easy to execute. Let the experimentation begin!

After a hard night of partying, or sitting around in your pajamas, its time to tackle the new year. That means making New Years Resolutions! Sexy assistant Mandi demonstrates our scientifically proven process with the most common of all resolutions, a fitness resolution. To get fit! Go. Go. Go!

Step One: State your resolution aloud… with enthusiasm.
Step Two: Don’t be a bitch.

Use this process to accomplish any and all New Years Resolutions you may have. Don’t question the simplicity. Its science!

Scientist Dan and his lovely assistant Mandi. Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

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