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Resistance bands fitness guide opening up to the world of resistance training. It’s our BuzzChomp fit mom video series on youtube.


Resistance bands are great to add into your fitness training. While they are great for rehab, they are so much more. This is our resistance bands fitness guide. All resistance bands are not created equal, but all of them will help you get an amazing workout.

A big thing for me is that having a baby makes it extremely difficult to go to the gym or a workout class. That does not mean that I can’t strength train. I do own a set of free weights, but resistance bands work just as good if not better. There is a huge variety of workouts along with different styles of bands. There are resistance bands with handles and without and both are worth having.

It can seem a bit daunting to add in a new style workout, but this resistance bands fitness guide opens you up to letting in the all the possibilities for resistance bands. You can do at home workouts as well as travel with them which basically means you don’t ever have an excuse to miss a strength training workout.

We’re honing in on the resistance band training so stayed tune for a break down of the different tensions as well as many workouts to resistance bands workouts to come! This resistance bands fitness guide is just the beginning.

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