How To Reset Your Taste Buds: Salt and Sugar Addiction Guide!

A few years ago I went 30 days without added sugar. A great side effect is that my taste buds were reset. I didn’t think I had a sugar addiction, but I definitely did. Those 30 days broke my addiction and reset my taste buds.


If you’re serious about how to reset your taste buds and break your salt or sugar addiction, then diving into 30 days without added sugar or salt will do that for you. Not only will you be able to taste just how overly sweet or salty most foods are, but you’ll be able to taste when something is over seasoned, too salty, and even processed. Its time to reset your taste buds!

Cut out added sugar. Cutting out added sugar truly is the most important step if you want to reset your taste buds. This does not mean removing all sugar from your diet, only when it’s added. You might be sitting there saying to yourself, but I’m not a sugar addict. We all eat way more sugar than we think. Processed food is loaded with added salt and sugar. Sugar and Salt are used to keep food longer. So the longer you can keep a food, the more salty and sweet it needs to be. Once you’ve reset your taste buds, you can decide which processed foods you want to add back in.

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Eat more whole foods and less processed food. I know it seems easy to run into Trader Joe’s, Whole foods, or Starbucks and get one of their packaged salads, wraps, or sandwiches. It is just as easy to make one at home, especially a salad. You can load that up with tasty whole foods, use just a little olive oil/vinegar, and have no added sugar or salt in your meal. I find the more food I make, the more homemade food I want.

Do not salt your food until you taste it. I’m always amazed at people who salt their food before trying it. How does one know that it needs salt? You do not. Salt makes us bloated, thirsty, and can lead to restless nights sleep. If you’re able to cut out added salt for a week, once you finish you’re not going to want to salt your food ever again. You’ll find salting it too salty.


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Read your labels. I always read labels for salt and sugar content. I’m surprised when foods have a lot of either, but I’m equally surprised when food has salt in it and its way saltier than I think it should be. This recently happened to my husband and I with Whole Foods’ “Crunchy No Sugar Added and a Pinch of Salt” peanut butter. We both love no sugar and no salt all natural peanut butter. The Whole Foods creamy is the best! The crunchy unfortunately has a “pinch of salt.” That pinch is way too salty! Both my husband and I feel this way and maybe it’s because we’ve been eating the Trader Joe’s no sugar and no salt for years, but we can’t go back.

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Naturally indulge your cravings. If you need something sweet after dinner, then have a piece of fruit. That always works for me. If you like dessert, try mixing nonfat Greek yogurt with unsalted nuts and fruit. This is a perfect little treat. The same can go for your salty fix. I find that I really like the crunchiness of salty foods. Chips and crackers are my favorite, so I’ve found great chips and crackers with low salt or no salt all together and I love them. I don’t need the salt and now I can taste how most bags of chips are just too salty.

It only takes 30 days to reset your taste buds when you commit to it. Afterwards I found I can enjoy a sweet treat in moderation, and I can’t eat too much of salty snacks. I also have no desire to eat 98% of pre-packaged foods, because it’s just as easy to eat my own version. Break your salt and sugar addiction and set yourself free!


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