Protein Pancakes: Get Ready To Be Addicted!

There was a period in my life when I loved pancakes. I loved them so much that I ate pancakes EVERY morning for breakfast. Now that I’m older I indulge less often, but when I do I make Protein Pancakes. Get ready to be addicted!


Pancakes are the best, but Protein Pancakes are even better! There are a ton of different ways to make protein pancakes and all are simple. The first way I learned to make them goes like this: half a cup of oats (ground), half a cup of cottage cheese, one scoop of protein powder, one egg white and a tablespoon of water. The only problem with this recipe is that I don’t keep cottage cheese in the house, so I can’t spontaneously make these bad boys very often. See below for my go-to alternative, but when I remember to buy cottage cheese, I’ll make them this way. I ALWAYS add blueberries or strawberries to my pancakes as well. I also add cinnamon to the mix. Delicious.

My go-to way to make protein pancakes is with a cup of oats (ground), a cup of unsweetened almond milk, two egg whites and cinnamon. I always add strawberries, nuts, or blueberries to the pancakes for some extra flair. Just be aware that this recipe makes small pancakes, but they are definitely filling and packed with flavor. You end up with about ten to fifteen pancakes in the bunch. Double the recipe for more protein pancakes. I also like to use chocolate protein powder. My powder of choice is Garden of Raw vegan protein powder. This bad boy is perfect.

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The secret to making great protein pancakes is to heat your pan up prior to putting on the batter. This is imperative for regular pancakes too, but even more so for protein pancakes. If the pan is not hot, the batter is going to stick. Also, I always add my berries or nuts after the batter is already in the pan. It makes it easier to work with the batter!

Protein pancakes are even easier to make than regular pancakes! Sometimes I put a little agave on top of the pancakes when they’re done. Sometimes I use some frozen berries and melt them down, then mix them with Greek yogurt and put the mix on top of the pancakes!


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The best part about these bad boys is that you can definitely be super creative. You can mix and max ingredients and add in your favorite treats. If you want your protein pancakes to be super sweet, you can totally add banana slices or even mash bananas up and use them as the base. In order to use them as the base, add one egg and two egg whites to your mashed bananas. Then cook those bad boys up!

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Protein pancakes totally hit the spot for me! You can make them ahead of time and heat them up. You can have them for breakfast or even as a snack. You can have them with turkey bacon or with an egg on the side! Once I started making these bad boys, I stopped craving the original!

The best part is, they won’t leave you feeling so full. They give you major energy and are perfect for any time of the year!


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