No More Deep Frying! Its A Problem We Must Rectify

Okay, so don’t tar and feather me, but we totally have a problem with frying foods in this country.  We will deep fry just about anything and everything, be it potatoes, fish, Oreos, candy bars, vegetables, or ice cream! No more deep frying!


Don’t get me wrong, once upon a time I loved fried chicken and French fries. My guilty pleasures were super yummy and fried, but no more. I can eat the same foods without the oil, not fried, healthy and delicious! Say it with me; no more deep frying!

I gave up my fried food habit years ago and now I don’t even crave them! It’s actually the opposite; I don’t like how the foods make me feel, so I don’t even want to eat them. It’s liberating! I still love the foods I once ate fried however, but who knew how wonderful they’d be baked or steamed. Potatoes are my favorite, but everywhere you go they want to fry the little suckers up. No! I don’t want it fried!

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I use to think a potato had to be fried or baked and topped with cheese and sour cream; all in all, extremely unhealthy! I was a dope.  There’s an amazing world out of there of incredible things you can do to a potato, especially with my new obsession, the sweet potato. Oh, those yummy little spuds! Don’t fry them though. Remember, no more frying! Sweet potato fries are NOT healthier than regular fries, they’re still fries.  So I asked myself what new ways I could make the sweet potato and bam! I fell in love with it.


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First off, sweet potatoes are low in calories.  Depending on the size, they range from 120-160 calories. Woo, get me one of those!  And all you need to do is poke some holes in one of those potatoes, spray a little olive oil on it and top it with pepper, garlic powder and whatever else suits your fancy.  Then wrap it in tin foil and bake it. Now remember, potatoes take a while to bake in the oven, so make sure to budget enough time! Once it’s tender and cooked you can top it with ANYTHING your heart desires.  Recently I’ve added vegetables to mine, like peppers, olives and onions, then popped it back in the oven or the broiler so the flavors cook all together.

I give you the “Super loaded, healthy, baked Sweet Potato!” It’s a meal in itself and as long as you don’t load it up with butter and full fat cheese, this magical meal runs around 300 calories! Boo yah! Another great way to avoid fried foods and have a delicious meal is Air Frying. Check out the 10 Best Air Fryers of 2018, reviewed and ranked. Sticking with sweet potato, because I’m seriously obsessed, how about making them for breakfast? No deep frying of course.

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Everyone loves breakfast potatoes and I used to always eat them out. It didn’t matter if they were hash browns, cottage potatoes, or tater tots, I loved those little devils. But those potatoes add boat loads of calories to an otherwise light breakfast. No more deep frying! Grab a sweet potato, keep the skin on it, and chop it into tiny little pieces.  Toss them in a skillet with just a little olive oil, not too much, and then add your spices.

I recommend buying a spray can for the oil; it makes it super easy to regulate how much you use. I like my potatoes spicy, so I go for chili powder, red pepper flakes, fresh garlic and if I’m feeling daring, a dash of dill and hot sauce.  Let those bad boys cook and add a little water so they don’t get burnt since we’re using barely any oil.  I like to add in turkey bacon or veggie sausage with some vegetables. Olives! They’re key to my cooking, along with peppers and onions.  Top those potatoes with an egg or two and you have a filling, amazing brunch! Yum! It’s enough food for two and you’re brunch is under 500 calories.  Oh yeah!


There you have it, no more frying!  Seriously, why deep-fry your potatoes or vegetables again?  It takes away the flavor and healthy benefits, giving our food a bad wrap.  Just use a little olive oil, skip the butter, and let the flavor of your food, especially those sweet potatoes, fly!


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