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My fit life challenge recap. Part of my Fit Mom journey and BuzzChomp fitness video series. I truly loved this 7 day challenge. This was my first life challenge and I loved the perspective it gave me.


I joined Fit Life Creation’s 7 Day Challenge and was extremely excited to spend 7 days focusing on my life. This was my first life challenge before but approached it just how I would do a fitness challenge. I set aside my time every morning to log on to the site, watch my video, and attack the day!

I really enjoyed this challenge. Katrina gives so much great information! I love that because her thoughts and theories definitely align with mine but she also had tools and tips that I didn’t ever use. Each day focuses on a different part of your life. We start out assessing our whole life and then go from there.

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I really loved the focus on wealth and brand. This is something that I need to work on and have continued to work on post challenge. Being an actor, writer, producer, as well as blogger I’ve got to stay focused on my brand, what I offer, and how to bring in wealth from all of that!

Fit life creations 7 day challenge gave me a nice fresh perspective on my own life. It also inspired me to make sure that I check in with myself in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend you to try it! There is a lot of great knowledge to attain and implement. Head on over to fitlifecreation.com and use my code “Mandi.”


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