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How to do Shoulder Taps is easier than you think. Part of our Fit Mom fitness tutorial up on our Buzzchomp youtube channel.


How to do shoulder taps perfectly every time with our fit Mom fitness tutorial! Shoulder taps are an exercise that I’ve only recently started doing them. I’m not sure why I didn’t discover this simple yet amazing exercise sooner.

The best part about shoulder taps is that they start with plank. It’s really the key to getting the most out of shoulder taps is making sure you have a solid plank foundation. Even if your not strong in plank you can work your way up to shoulder taps. There is no shame doing them on your knees!

Before you dive into shoulder taps secure your plank foundation. You can definitely widen your hands and legs. By doing that it will give you a solid base and help you stay stables. Otherwise shoulder taps are extremely simple. It’s touch your left hand to you right shoulder and right hand to your left shoulder, alternating of course.

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Start off with 10 of these and do them slow. This will help you gain strength. Make sure you don’t swing your hips too much which means fully engage your core, legs, and your arms!

Enjoy shoulder taps as they become one of your new favorite exercises!

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