Halo Top: Is Your Favorite Diet Ice Cream Brand Melting Under Scrutiny?

Living on a strict diet — whether to lose weight, become healthier in general, or both — is difficult with all of the enticing indulgences available in this candy-loving country. One brand of ice cream seemed to be the solution to late-night cravings without shattering the calorie count: Halo Top. Now they are under fire!


Halo Top is revolutionizing diet ice cream. Their advertising revolves around a simple idea. They display the number of calories in their pint of diet ice cream in a larger and bolder font than their own company’s name. For the record, that’s 320 calories per pint of chocolate, 280 for birthday cake, and 320 for s’mores. Unfortunately, critics say those calorie counts aren’t quite as accurate as consumers were led to believe.


They’re Suing For Ice Cream, Not Screaming

Well, two ice cream lovers (and dieters), Gillian Neely and Youssif Kamal, may have screamed in anger when they opened their “pints” and discovered significantly less than that. While the calorie counts are not in dispute, the precise meaning of the word “pint” is. Halo Top is now under fire!

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The two are accusing Halo Top’s parent company, Eden Creamery LLC, of “routinely [under filling] its pint containers,” claiming that Halo Top “knows it is short-changing its customers, but [is refusing] to do anything about it.”

If Halo Top pints don’t quite live up to the name, there may be a legitimate reason. Experts believe that the company will point to California’s “slack fill” laws, which allow companies to leave extra room in packaging if it’s necessary to protect the integrity of the product.

Even so, the plaintiffs believe that Halo Top is not accurately representing their product; obviously, the calories are going to be lower if there is less ice cream in the container to begin with.


It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The lawsuit couldn’t have come at a more ironic time. July sees the celebration of two of America’s ice cream holidays, National Ice Cream Day on July 15th and National Vanilla Ice Cream Day on the 23rd. In keeping with the theme of this article, it seems necessary to mention that soft serve ice cream has fat levels between three and six percent, rather than the more than tripled numbers in most other ice cream products.

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If you’re like the two incensed customers of Halo Top and are trying to maintain your diet, you can definitely still join in on the celebrations. Just opt for soft serve, frozen yogurt, or gelato instead. Diet ice cream is real, just don’t eat too much.

Hopefully, your Ice Cream Day delights will be filled with more screaming and less suing. If push comes to shove, it’s okay to throw your diet to the wind for one day out of the year. We won’t tell!



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